Easily receive agent-to-agent referrals into Zapier

Thanks to our Zapier integration, you choose where to be notified.

Agent-to-agent Referral Notifications

Zapier connects REreferrals with hundreds of other apps you already use: be notified with a push notification on your phone, save information on a spreadsheet, connect your favorite CRM - you have endless possibilities.

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Integration instructions


How to receive real estate referral leads in Zapier:

1 - Create an account on REreferrals by applying at this link.

2 - Find your unique API key in your settings.

3 - Go to Zapier and create an account if you don't have one.

4 - Accept our invite to use REreferrals on Zapier by clicking on this link.

5 - Start using REreferrals in your zaps 🙌

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